Who We Help


    Sometimes help comes in the least expected way.     Nurses & Company Foundation ensures quality of life through acts of kindness.

 Dr. Emma Jo Crain with Dr. David Francko, Dean at University of Alabama

Dr. Emma Jo Crain with Dr. David Francko, Dean at University of Alabama

 Dr. Crain with Friends and Family

Dr. Crain with Friends and Family

Emma Jo's Story

Emma Jo Crain lived her
life to the fullest. She
made the most of every
opportunity yet still
 regretted  missing her
graduation for her
Doctoral hood.  This was a regret Nurses & Company Home Health & Hospice Foundation was determined to erase.

Nothing, not even Parkinson’s Disease, would stop Emma Jo from getting her  hood this time. In 1979, after completing her doctoral work at the University of Alabama in Special Education Administration, Emma Jo suffered a back injury, making her unable to walk in commencement ceremony, and she was later mailed her diploma. Through N&CF, a graduation ceremony was planned.  David Francko, UA’s Graduate School Dean flew to St. Peters to personally ensure that Dr. Crain received her doctoral hood, just like she would have in 1979.  “She did her dissertation on the different ways to educate individuals with mental retardation,” Frankco said. “Her work changed the way we work with these individuals, not only in our state, but also Louisiana and many other places in the United States. The work she did here at UA was transformative in many people’s lives.”

After receiving her hood Dr. Emma Crain beamed, “I finally feel like a doctor!”

Mardene's Wish

Nurses & Company Home Care is taking care of a patient with severe kidney disease and is worsening every day.

On her bucket list, she expressed a wish to have a picture with her son, a formal picture for him to have to remember her by.

To grant this wish, Jeff, one of our nurses arranged for a photographer to come to her home for the photo shoot. Angela, one of our aides, did a complete makeover in preparation for the photograph; including hair, makeup and assisted her with dressing.

The photo session was a highlight for Mardene and it will forever be a wonderful memory for her son of a day spent with his mom.



Small Blessings

  • Assisted with cremation expenses
  • Provided Shower head replacement
  • Grab bars and non-slip rugs
  • Transport for a loved one
  • CD player
  • A night out with family
  • Thanksgiving Dinner

Albert's Story

Albert came to us with a diagnosis of Cancer. He had lived a long hard life and entered the nursing home with nothing more than the clothes on his back. Our nurses and aides instantly fell in love with this man with a tough outer shell and a soft center. His smile hid the pain and his jovial attitude did not always match his tough situation.

At the request of his nurse we treated Albert to a mini makeover providing him with clothing; socks, underwear, sweats and t-shirts.

Albert opened his heart and his life to the hospice staff and began to tell stories of his life including his adventures as a jazz musician. When he spoke of his love for music he would cradle an imaginary guitar. Seeing this the social worker put a call out to the foundation for a guitar and we answered with an in kind donation from a Nurses & Company Nurse.

The guitar was presented to Albert and words could not express his gratitude as he hugged the guitar like an old friend.

Sometimes the smallest gifts can make a world of difference. Nurses & Company Home Health and Hospice Foundation was honored to be a small part in improving Albert’s quality of life.

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